Most of the Bay area taxpayers do not comprehend when to contact a tax attorney in San Francisco. This results in a delayed action, which in return causes extreme financial problems for the taxpayer. If you feel that you are behind schedule with IRS taxes, but you are not sure whether you need a tax attorney serving San Francisco or not, this article solves your problem. Following checklist explains the drastic circumstances when the taxpayers need professional tax help. If any of these apply to your current conditions, it is time to call a tax relief professional.

  • Whenever you receive a notice from the IRS, specially a certified letter, you should consult a tax attorney in San Francisco metro area to discuss what the content of the letter is and what sort of action is required on your part. This letter either informs you of an upcoming audit by the IRS or contains information regarding tax debt, various fees or penalties. If you are late to react, the interest and penalties will keep mounting. But a San Francisco tax attorney will negotiate a deal which will create a win-win situation for both the stakeholders.
  • If you do not remember when was the last time you filed a tax return, you need instant help. It is quite possible that the IRS is about to knock your doors down. The tax attorney serving San Francisco will examine your IRS account and solve the anomalies, if any.
  • If you do not know the exact amount of tax deductions you qualify for, call the tax attorney in San Francisco for a clear answer. It is quite possible that you are paying a lot more than you actually should, and the attorney can save you considerable amount of dough.
  • If the IRS has inflicted any of its lethal collection procedures including tax lien,bank levy or wage garnishment, hire a tax relief lawyer or enrolled agent right away. The IRS usually decides on any of these methods when you have not replied to their previous notices. If you are encountering this problem, a tax attorney is absolutely necessary. The expertise of a professional will help cease these cruel collection methods. Obviously, you would not like your personal property to be taken away for offsetting the outstanding tax debt.