Are you not aware of the best time to contact a tax attorney in San Francisco, California? You are not alone. A majority of taxpayers in San Francisco do not comprehend the significance of a tax attorney or do not act on their tax problems quickly. But they don’t realize that this delay can cripple their financial stability.  

Are you behind schedule with your IRS tax payments? Have you received a notice from the IRS? Are you unsure whether you need a tax attorney? When is the right time to contact one? Find the answers to all these confusing questions right here.

Our firm provides tax defaulters with the best of tax dispute attorneys serving San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont, Oakland, Concord, Santa Rosa, Richmond, Redwood City, Fairfield, Napa, San Rafael and Vallejo in the state of California. Today, let us help you discern when the right time to solicit professional IRS tax help is.

The following checklist entails the various tax conditions you could be facing at present. If any of the circumstances below apply to your tax predicament, you can be quite sure that you require a professional IRS tax attorney.

  1. You’ve Received a Notice from the IRS

If you’ve received a notice or certified letter from the IRS, it could either inform you about an upcoming audit or your unpaid tax debt. Consulting a tax lawyer to discuss its content and to determine your plan of action is the most practical solution. If you do not act immediately, you willingly allow the interest on your outstanding taxes to mount and invite the penalties that come with it. But, if you hire a tax relief attorney in San Francisco, California, he / she will help you negotiate a favorable deal with the IRS in order to clear your tax debt.

  1. You Do Not Remember The Last Time You Filed a Tax Return

Being unable to remember the last time you filed a tax return calls for immediate help. Under such circumstances, the IRS could be well on its way to confront you. However, if you act instantly and hire a professional tax attorney for tax problems, he / she will closely examine your IRS account, indicate your errors and resolve the anomalies. And, then you can be worry-free about the IRS hounding you.

  1. You Are Uncertain About the Tax Deduction Amount You Qualify For

Did you know that you could be paying the IRS a lot more than you are supposed to be paying? Now, aren’t you just throwing your hard earned money away? Visit a professional tax attorney for tax audit, share your tax payment records and he / she will determine whether you’re eligible for tax deduction and also inform you about the exact amount of deduction you qualify for.

  1. The IRS Has Taken Action Against You

If you haven’t replied to any of the previous IRS notices you have received and haven’t acted on the warnings issued to you, the IRS can implement any of the following collection measures against you:

  • Tax Lien
  • Bank Levy
  • Wage Garnishment

If you are losing your money to the IRS on account of any of the above three IRS tax collection procedures, the best course of action is to hire a back tax help attorney right away.

Facing the IRS with the help of a tax attorney is very important; otherwise, you stand to lose whatever you could have saved with professional help. A professional tax relief attorney will not only negotiate a deal for you with the IRS, but will also put an end to the stringent collection methods of the IRS so that you can return to financial normalcy.