“How do I resolve my IRS tax problems?” Has this question been bothering you for a while now? Then, it’s time to stop procrastinating and to take action right away. You want to get rid of your tax problems by working on it today before the IRS hunts you down. And, believe us, the receiving end of the IRS is not a very pleasant place to be.

Fortunately, if you seek professional help, you will certainly find a competent tax attorney to help you get rid of your IRS tax problems. A qualified and experienced tax relief attorney possesses the required knowledge and skill set to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and resolve your issue of IRS back taxes.

At our firm, Mike is an IRS licensed tax dispute power of attorney and has successfully negotiated several tax disputes in the past. He handles every problem with a personal approach in order to formulate the most suited plan to provide you with IRS tax help.

Why Facing the IRS Independently is Not a Wise Option

The IRS is one of the deadliest collection agencies in the world. If you are a tax defaulter and you fail to repay your outstanding tax amount in spite of a warning / warnings from the IRS, you are likely to face the wrath of the IRS in the form of their lethal collection measures such as:

  • Tax Lien, wherein the IRS will seize your personal property to satisfy your tax debt.
  • Bank Levy, wherein your bank accounts, pensions, investments and insurance policies will be seized
  • Wage Garnishment, which deems you liable for deductions in your monthly wages to satisfy the back tax amount you owe. 

In order to acquire the entire outstanding tax amount from tax defaulters, the IRS implements the above three collection methods which can leave any tax defaulter financially crippled.

If you face the IRS independently without possessing the required knowledge about tax rules, codes and regulations and the experience of dealing with the smart tactics of the IRS, you will find yourself sinking deeper into trouble rather than finding a way out of your dilemma. Therefore, relying on an experienced and professional IRS tax attorney will certainly help you resolve your IRS tax issues.

Services Offered by a Professional Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer’s services towards you begin with a comprehensive analysis of your case. The tax attorney you’ve hired will closely and personally study your tax problem and work out a solution which best suits your case. Your back tax help attorney will then represent you before the IRS and attempt to successfully negotiate the best deal for you.

Your tax attorney for tax problems will negotiate any of the following solutions for you by establishing an offer in compromise agreement with the IRS.

  • A significant reduction in the amount of taxes owed.
  • A longer grace period to pay off smaller amounts of outstanding tax over a specified time frame.

We can provide you with IRS tax help for the following services:

  • File unfiled returns
  • Devise a payment plan for back taxes
  • Help you avail tax deductions
  • Eliminate tax penalties
  • Release tax levies
  • Reach an offer in compromise

Act Today for a Stress Free Future

The faster you act to resolve your IRS back taxes by hiring a professional tax relief attorney, the more beneficial the outcome will be. You wouldn’t want to see your property and hard earned money flow into the hands of the IRS. Safeguard your assets by hiring a professional tax attorney today.