If you reside in the United States, you have to pay tax for everything you earn and make. There used to be a time when paying taxes was easy and avoiding taxes was easier. Unfortunately, these ‘good’ days are over now. Recent fiscal slump has made paying taxes truly a taxing job, even for well-heeled individuals and organizations. Likewise, if you think that you can evade IRS taxes without any trouble, you are living in fool’s paradise. IRS is stalking tax evaders with vehemence like never before. The rest of the article explains the role of a tax relief attorney for individuals and businesses having IRS tax problems.

Who is a tax relief attorney?
A tax relief attorney, just like any other legal representative, is licensed in at least one state to practice tax law. Every attorney is bound to the state bar disciplinary and ethics counsel, which normally anticipate attorneys to have only the uppermost degree of uprightness and ethical conduct in their practices. If your attorney fails to treat you in an ethical manner, you may straightaway report to the state bar association.

When do I need a tax relief attorney?
Whenever your tax paying procedure goes over the line, you need a tax relief lawyer.Following are some of such situations: in case you want your case to be looked over distinctly in the United States Tax Court, if you have been harassed by the IRS and you aim to file a lawsuit against them, if you are a victim of a tax relief scam, lest you have intercontinental business which necessitates tax consultations, if the IRS is scrutinizing you, if you want to learn about the tax repercussions on your estate or any other personal property or if you are about to start a fresh business and need legal advice about taxes.

If you are in quest of a tax relief tax attorney can be your knight in shining armor. However, make sure the attorney you are hiring has a “Juris Doctor Degree” and the license to practice at the State you reside. Though tax attorney may significantly reduce your outstanding taxes if you can not pay, yet they charge a massive fee. If their fee is too much for you, look for other options i.e. Enrolled Agents or CPAs.a