Facing tax problems? Do you need a tax attorney to bail you out? But, are you concerned about paying a professional tax relief attorney his/her fees when you are already in a financial turmoil? Most people are unsure about hiring the professional services of tax relief specialists such as a tax attorney, CPA or enrolled agent for their IRS tax problems precisely for this reason.

Have you ever felt, “How can I pay a tax relief attorney his fees when I can’t even clear my IRS back taxes?” But, the fact remains that not hiring a tax attorney can cost you much more than hiring one.

Now, “how’s that so,” you may ask.

Here’s how

A professional tax attorney possesses the right skills, knowledge and experience to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and obtain a favorable tax settlement for you. If you face the IRS independently and try to negotiate a favorable agreement, your lack of knowledge about tax laws and inadequate experience in this field will work against you. You may end up digging a deeper hole for yourself.

“But Self Representation is My Right!” 

It is a fact that as a citizen of the United States of America and as a tax payer, you have the right to represent yourself before the IRS. Many people in fact proceed ahead valiantly to face the IRS without the help of a tax attorney, CPA or enrolled agent. But, have you ever looked at the success rate of self-representation?

We do not doubt your skills in defending yourself, but, we’re forewarning you about the dangers of an independent association with the IRS. From our very own experience, we can tell you emphatically dealing with the IRS is not for the faint hearted. In fact, the IRS and its intimidating powers can cause even the lion hearted to give up the fight.

The fact is dealing with the IRS is stressful, nerve-wracking, frustrating, complicated, time-consuming and confusing. The IRS will throw quite a number of hurdles your way to safeguard and obtain their tax money. And, at the end of it, you will be left either fighting for a lost cause or giving in to the IRS’ demands and paying your back taxes in full along with huge penalties.

Tax Relief Attorneys – The Wisest Way Out

We’ve established that self-representation is nothing but a risky venture. Therefore, individuals and business owners who want to get rid of their IRS tax problems once and for all turn to tax attorneys or enrolled agents for seeking IRS tax help. The knowledge that tax dispute attorneys and enrolled agents possess and their past dealings with the IRS make it possible for them to resolve every kind of IRS back tax issue – big or small.

How a Tax Attorney Resolves Your Tax Issues

When you approach a tax lawyer for IRS tax relief, he/she begins with an in-depth analysis of your IRS problem. On your part, be honest with your tax relief attorney and share every detail about your actions and inactions. This is crucial for your tax relief attorney or CPA to be able to present a strong case in your favor to the IRS.

Depending on the tax issue you are facing, your tax relief attorney will formulate a plan to implement any of the following tax relief strategies:

  • Offer in compromise
  • Payment installment plan
  • Appeal
  • Petition to reopen a closed audit
  • Abatement

If your tax problem does not suit any of the above strategies, your tax attorney will come up with a tax relief plan specific to your IRS tax problem.

Your tax relief attorney is your representative before the IRS. He/she will take over all forms of communication with the IRS, handle the necessary paperwork, look after tax negotiations and reach a settlement with the IRS which is favorable to you. A good tax attorney for tax audit will also offer you advice to regain financial stability after your tax issue has been resolved.

How to Hire a Tax Attorney

Hiring a professional IRS tax attorney is not as simple as picking up the phonebook or browsing the internet. You need to undertake some initial research to ensure that you’ve hired the best possible tax relief professional to represent you before the IRS.

Once you’ve made a list of possible candidates, do consider the following aspects.

  • Educational background and qualifications
  • Years of experience in the field of IRS tax and tax law,
  • Success rate
  • Professional fees
  • Whether he / she has handled cases similar to yours with success
  • Clients’ reviews

We understand that financial stress may lead you to make hasty and impulsive decisions, but if you hire the best tax attorney for your case, you can get rid of your IRS tax problems for life.

Choose your tax relief attorney or enrolled agent with care. It will be a decision you will regret later.